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Mini Loan: payment and repayment


Do you need some liquid to deal with current or unplanned minor expenses? The solution for you could be called Mini Prestito Bankors, the small amount loan designed by Poste Italiane and reserved for holders of a valid Postepay Evolution Card. This means that the mini loan can be requested by all Postepay Evolution Card holders, even if they do not have a Bankors or bank account. Poste’s consultants, available in the offices of the Group, even in those open Saturday morning, will provide interested customers with all the useful information on the Bankors Mini Loan listing their characteristics and repayment terms. 

Payment of Bankors Mini Loan

Payment of Bankors Mini Loan

Let’s see together what is more in detail. Poste Italiane’s product allows you to choose between three amount classes to be requested in maximum freedom: starting from € 1,000, then switching from € 2,000 to € 3,000 for a repayment duration that is unique for all and three bands and 22 months.

Once granted, the loan is credited directly by Poste on the Postepay Evolution card. With regard to the repayment method, this is done by debiting a Postepay Evolution Card or Bankors current account. The repayment of the installments takes place on a monthly basis through the payment of fixed installments.

The details of the contractual and economic conditions are contained in the information sheets based on a single document called “Basic European Consumer Credit Information” which customers can be aware of at the Post Offices authorized to provide the service.

Access and documentation requirements

Access and documentation requirements

Bankors Mini Loan can be requested by Postepay Evolution Card holders who are between 18 and 70 years old. To apply for funding, simply complete a form at the post office counter and present the following documents in the list below:

  • Identity document valid.
  • Health card / tax code.
  • Document certifying the income received.

For foreign citizens, the following are also required:

  • Passport in addition to any other identity document already presented.
  • Residence card or residence permit.
  • Document certifying residence in Italy for at least one year if you are employed or at least 36 months for self-employed workers.
  • Documentation that certifies the performance of a job for at least 12 continuous months at the same employer.

In the case of specific characteristics on the part of those who make the loan application, additional documentation may be requested with respect to the one summarized here. The right to withdraw from the loan can be exercised within fourteen days of the granting of the loan. In addition, the early repayment of the Bankors Mini Loan is always possible and free of charge as there are no charges for the customer for early closure. The early repayment of the loan is obviously possible once the withdrawal period has elapsed, or the aforementioned 14 days have passed from the loan disbursement date. The extinction can be done at any post office enabled for the service.

Loans and customer groups

Loans and customer groups

The last Bankity report, released at the end of April, has indeed registered a recovery in loans to the private sector but warns at the same time that this “proceeds very gradually and the financial cycle is still weak”. The central institute adds that the conditions of supply of bank credit, even if the trend seems not unfavorable “remain marked by prudence”. In reference to the increase in loans activated in 2015, the technicians of Pandercor Locu speak of a result “limited to the best quality customer groups”, ie families and companies with a certain solidity from a financial point of view. In the coming months the granting of loans to private individuals should be supported by the new super-limited monetary policy measures decided by the ECB on the board of 10 March but the uncertainty linked to growth prospects is lurking and could still have negative effects.

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